At the Cafe at Home

At the Café at Home

At the café at home comments on today’s observable dichotomy between social media “connecting us all” and growing solitude.

It suggests, yet another device, encompassing several background sounds from several cafés from different locations (Manchester, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris & Milan). Instead of interacting with people the user can sit at home, safely, and drink a coffee while having the comforting sound of people around him/her.

The project was presented as a performance where sound became even more relevant reaching another aspect of it; imagining and envisioning an environment through sound. I read the scenario of a film I had written while the audience sat silently with their eyes closed.

The project started from a sentence taken from Digital Vertigo written by Keen Andrew "Users of social networking services are 26% less likely to spend time with their neighbours thus, ironically, creating the need for social networks that connect local communities."

Mixed Media, 2015-

Click on the city of your choice to listen to the sound of a café.

jesper eriksson  2013 all rights reserved