“Time measurement turns a succession of unique moments into just so many seconds, minutes, and hours, and denies the particularity of each person’s subjective experience of them.“ Charles Eisenstein

The aim for this product is fundamentally not to display the exact time, rather to act as a border representing the change from public to private in terms of space and pace. Time is in many ways subjective but the way we display it today is vary objective. It is something that makes us stressed and in many ways the master of our lives.  This time piece should therefore display time as existence and pace rather than exact moments. Its purpose is to make the observer switch tempo and to serve as a border between public and private. In order to deprive time its superiority over man the relationship should be more of a symbiosis than that of a hierarchy. It should indicate a prescence and let you control it, giving rather than taking.

Ash, Steel & Other, 2013

Collaboration with Per Peterson

jesper eriksson  2013 all rights reserved