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Rational Emotional Furniture Series

The undertaken project has its background in reflections around ourselves a designers, individuals and users of products.

The reflections revolves around the notion of human to product relationship from both a rational and an emotional point of view.

The project plays on the dichotomy yet inseparable rational and emotional states in various dimensions. Shapes, dimensions, materials, functions and so forth speak for inviting/uninviting, playful/strict, visible/hidden attributes.

The project is in it essence an attempt to create meaningful and valuable design by addressing rational respectively emotional needs. Furthermore it is driven by an aspiration of creating affinity and unity between product and user, where a mechanical interaction or interplay is needed.

The furniture series emcompasses the following pieces:

 support, illuminate & coordinate.

Ash & other, 2013

Collaboration with Per Petersson

jesper eriksson  2013 all rights reserved