This piece has its inspiration from two behaviour observed. Commonly when a stool or a chair is found in the entrance hall, it is often used to quickly put away a bag or a coat. When one actually do want to sit down, to tight shoes for instance, one must then unload the chair. Can we still call it stool or chair when the function is not to sit on it? What is it that defines a chair or a stool? The second observation is that we tend to place our bags standing upright when we put them on a chair or on the floor. To make sure that they stand upright we might lean them against a wall or a table leg.

The two different surfaces should express their purposes through proportions, placement, context, size, material and accessibility. Moreover the seating should invite for seating, it should radiate stability through its construction, materials, weight, proportions, it should also express an effortless sit & rise.

Ash, 2013

Collaboration with Per Peterson

jesper eriksson  2013 all rights reserved